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Register to join an existing lawsuit

If you've looked at the ways to get even on Junkfax: How to get even, and decided to take the easy route, then this page is for you.

Always save all your faxes. Mark the date and time you got the fax on the fax if it isn't there.

If you've saved all your faxes and you have at least 5 faxes from one of the major broadcasters  that we've identified (see step 1 below for how to ID them), then you can join in one of the existing lawsuits against:

  • Protus IP Solutions

by filling out the form on this page.

Joining an on-going lawsuit is FREE. The legal fees have already been fully paid for by the existing plaintiffs. If your request to join is accepted, you will sign a representation agreement, submit your faxes, and then share in the recovery (after deducting legal and collection fees). 

To register your interest in joining on, follow these steps:

  1. Identify how many faxes you have from each of the three major broadcasters. See How to identify the fax broadcaster for how to do this.
  2. Use the information obtained in the previous step to fill out the form below, then click Submit.
  3. Wait to be contacted. Due to practical limits, not everyone who wants to join a suit will be able to.

Note: if you already have a judgment, register it at: Junkfax registration for judgments

Register your interest in joining a lawsuit. You'll be contacted if you qualify. See our Privacy Policy.

Example: abc@earthlink.com
Your name:  
Example: John Smith
Company name:
Example: Microsoft (leave blank if your faxes were received at home)
Example: 202-555-1212
Fax number:
Example: 202-555-1234
This should be the fax number where you got the junk faxes.
Enter just one of the numbers if you got faxes at several numbers.
Example: 555 Easy St
Example: San Francisco (the city where you received the faxes)
If you aren't sure, see ZIP code state abbreviation list)
Choose "Other" at the bottom if you are not in the USA
ZIP Code:  
Example: 90210. 5 digit zip code; enter Postal code outside the US
Leave blank if USA
# from Protus:
Example: 5
Enter the # of faxes you got from Protus IP Solutions  See How to identify the fax broadcaster for how to determine how many faxes you have from each broadcaster.