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Report a "pump and dump" junk fax or e-mail

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This page is for pump and dumps only, not for generic junk faxes. There is no page at this time for reporting junk faxes because we don't have the manpower to pursue those faxes. However, if you report a pump and dump, what happens is that it is automatically passed on to the press and a news story may get written and then attached to the stock symbol. This helps to negate the effect of the spam (and it really pisses off the company).

Please SAVE your fax in case the SEC or other agency wants to contact you to get a copy of it.

Here's an example of a news story resulting from a report on this page: Do Emerson Oil & Gas, Zaldiva and Softnet Technology Fit SEC Profile For Trading Halt? See the paragraph from that page:

Zaldiva and Softnet Technology were reported by users of JunkFax (http://www.junkfax.org).

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