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Central Imaging a.k.a. America's Toner

As of June 14, 2005:

96 W. Moreland
Addison, Ill. 60101
They have a new web site: www.Megainkjets.com

updated 4/7/04:

More unverified information on the management and numbers associated with these companies:

As was noted on the site:

  • WHOIS associates Americas Toner with John David (using 87 Eisenhower Lane (Lombard, IL) address)
  • The California Secy of State associates John David with America Toner and the following addresses: PO BX 1144, Garden Grove, CA 92842 & 11471 Brookhurst St, Garden Grove, CA 92840
  • Americas Toner's toll-free number is associated with "John Davitt" at PO Box 1651Westminster, CA 92684
  • "Savis Emteghami" is associated with America's Toner.

The Investigation revealed that:

  • "John David" is listed as the sole officer with the Illinois Secretary of State for Fiducia, Inc. (File#: 62027185; Incorporated 01/30/2002, at the 87 Eisenhower Lane South address).
  • A Farshid Emteghami was identified using America Toner's 11471 Brookhurst St address in/about 03/2001 - 06/2001. The (questionable) SSN associated with Emteghami is xxx-xx-8466. We also located the same subject in Canoga, Park CA 91304; Tel: (818)709-3550
  • Two AKA's for Emteghami were located at the Brookhurst address:
  • Integhami Frshid Tel: (714)539-0784 (4/2000-8/2003)
  • Enteghmai Farshid
  • John David is likely an alias; "John Davitt" merely a variation.
  • John David "is": John David; SSN xxx-xx-3354; DOB: 3/22/1961; 559 Justina Street, Hinsdale, IL 60521(Dates: 12/02-4/03).

The following are AKAs for "John David"; any one of which could be the subject's true name.

      Last                             First                SSN                 DOB

I.          Baboo                          Yahya              xxx-xx-3354   3/22/1961

            Baboo                          Yahya  B          xxx-xx-3354   3/22/1961

            David                                                   xxx-xx-3356  

            David                           Beta                 xxx-xx-3356   6/6/1963

            Baboo                          Farideh  I         xxx-xx-3356   6/6/1963

            D Baboo                      Farideh             xxx-xx-3356   6/1/1963

            Daryanvardei                Farideh  D        xxx-xx-3356   6/1/1963

            Ideh Baboo                  Farideh             xxx-xx-3356

            Baboo                          Pariden             xxx-xx-3356   6/1/1963

            Baboo                          Farideh  D        xxx-xx-3356   6/6/1963
            Baboo                          Faribe              xxx-xx-3356  

            Baboo                          Far  I                xxx-xx-3356  

            Baboo                          Farideh             xxx-xx-7331  

            Beboo                          Yehya  B          xxx-xx-7331   3/21/1963

II.         Baboo                          Asha  B            xxx-xx-5627   07/27/1952

            Babu                            Asha  B            xxx-xx-5627   07/1952

            Baboo                          Bharat  B          xxx-xx-5088   00/1951

            Baboo                          Bharat  B          xxx-xx-5088   07/1950

            Babu                            Bharat  B          xxx-xx-5088   00/1951

            Babu                            Bharat  B          xxx-xx-5088   07/1950        

Names from section "I" have used/shared ALL THREE of the relevant Americas Toner addresses at  Brookhurst & PO BX 1144 & Westminister.

Also names from section "I" have used/shared the following telephones:

  •             (408)363-8047 1989-2003
  •             (818)772-7563 1999-2001
  •             437-1683 (Fullerton, CA) 2000
  •             887-5469 (Santa Ana/Reseda, CA) 1994-2000
  •             839-9469 (Reseda/Van Nuys, CA) 1993

The current address for those in section "II" is believed to be 277 Curie Dr., San Jose, CA 95119; Tel: (408)363-8047.

Names in section II have used only the following telephone:

  • (408)363-8047 1989-2003

Note: SSN's beginning with 232 were likely issued in WV, while SSNs beginning with 55x  would have been issued in CA. We believe that the latter are more consistent with the subject's probable identity

updated 1/5/04:

Americas Toner now has an additional name and location: The Toner located at 7015 Calumet Avenue Hammond, Indiana (888) 255-6989 and their fax number is (888) 255-6990. This is also the same as Central Imaging,  CentralToner and so on.

Please be aware this company is selling defective re-conditioned toner and ink jet cartridges, they are known to leak and cause great damage to the printers and copiers they are used in!!

updated 7/25/03:

Central Imaging is now also know as (AKA):

Americas Toner
800-420-9103 Tel
888-816-2971 Removal number

Location: Lombard, Illinois

The reporter writes: "My business lost a crucial document which was covered up by the Americas Toner junk fax. It had to be re-sent by the attorney's secretary, but we lost 2-3 days in getting the information to the process server so they could complete the service of process.


Central Imaging
1461 Lunt Ave Unit F 
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 
800-388-1601 (listed on website)
800-373-7593 (listed on their fax)

I also found an address:

Central Imaging Supply
17131 Beach Blvd. #203 
Huntington Beach CA 92648

This is also the location where their CEO Savis Entegami. The address in Anaheim (which is on their registry for their website) is bogus. The Anaheim address is an empty building that, according to neighbors, used to be a tire store.

From their website, they say that "Central Imaging originated in 1979. We now have offices all over the US which are California, Illinois, and Dallas." 

That's pretty interesting since I couldn't find them in the phone book in any of those locations.

They settled with the Ohio AG not to fax in Ohio anymore. See centralimaging.pdf.

They sent me their offer on Jan 7 at 1:40am so the time printed on their headers is way wrong. The removal number is 866-763-3442:

TELEPHONE COMPANY: Allcom Communications 
BUSINESS SERVICE NO: 866-763-3442 
LISTING PARTY: Central Imaging/John Davitt 
BILLING PARTY: Central Imaging/John Davitt 
SERVICE ADDRESS: No physical location on file. 
BILLING ADDRESS: PO Box 1651 Westminster, CA 92684

Also, you might try Dale Lemons at: 2450 Newport Bl COSTA MESA, CA 92627 949-645-3421

I ran across some FTC
cases against a "Business Services Center, Inc., and Central Imaging
Systems, LLC, operating as a common enterprise," I don't know if this is the
same company...

A quote from the website:

> Business Services Center, Inc., and Central Imaging Systems, LLC, operating as
> a common enterprise, and their principals, Thomas B. Ford and his mother,
> Prudence C. Ford, have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that
> they misrepresented themselves as consumers' regular photocopier toner
> supplier and shipped and billed consumers for unordered photocopier toner.

Also see:

(Business Services Center, Inc., FTC File No. 992 3197; U.S. District Court,
Central District of California, Southern Division; Civil Action No.
SACV99-1513 DOC(ANx))

From: Carl Paulson
Fax ID: Central imaging
"Annoucing Americastoner.com"

Remove number: 1-866-763-3442 (same as Central

The website claims that they are in Lombard, IL with
no further address.

Central Imaging allegedly is in Elk Grove Village, IL
which is near Lombard. The Central Imaging address
appears to be a residence address. I did a criss cross
address search and found that there are no other
commercial listings in that area.

At the end of the fax, a "contract fax marketing
services" company called "Fiducia, Inc." appears. The
number is a 630 area code, which is the area code for
Elk Grove Village and Lombard. I did a reverse number
search and found no listings.

Did anyone else receive this, and is anyone on the
list in suburban Chicago? This looks like Central
Imaging is trying to set up shop under a new name, and
junk fax for others.

November 4, 2005:

Americas Toner
Brian Winsauer, CFO
96 W. Moreland Ave.  Suite 13
Addison IL 60101-3842
(630) 628-0858

I tried the # today at about 12:05p (before I Googled it!) & got no answer. By the way, the area code for Lombard & Addison is 630, but the area code for Elk Grove Village is 847. My wife & I actually interviewed at the 87 Eisenhower Lane (Lombard, IL) location a couple years ago (not knowing their reputation!) – we broke off mid-interview when we saw how Mickey Mouse the operation was; I believe Brian was the one who called us for the interview.


Here is some more info re: America's Toner.

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