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Family Health Care, Family Health, Family Care, etc.

IMPORTANT: See also: Equal Access Health aka Health Benefits of America (HBA) because the faxes appear very similar. See also this letter from Rabie Law Firm LLP which provides important distinction between the companies run by Kris Rabie and Michael Rabie. Please keep that letter in mind when interpreting the observations listed below. 

Attention: Business Owners & Individuals

Finally... Affordable Health Care for the Entire Family!

See also:


which is against:

Family Health Care Services
11526 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite E
San Diego, California   92121-1346
Attention: Todd Cadwell, President

However, other companies with similar names also have been reported to have sent out junk faxes, so be very careful that you have the right company.

For example, here is the Texas AG's complaint against Family Care, Inc., NAPP, and Mike Rabie and Family Health

Both firms settled with the AG and agreed to a permanent injunction. The Defendants collectively paid over $300K to the AG. Here are the terms: Family Health Family Care Stipulated Injunction.pdf

Here are some of the junk faxes that the AG claims that Rabie sent out (click the images): Attorney General Abbott Sues Two Fraudulent Houston Health Discount Card Companies

Please note that Family Care (a Rabie company) and Family Health (another Rabie company) is NOT the same as "Family Health Care" or "Equal Access Health"!! See Equal Access Health aka Health Benefits of America (HBA)

See National Association of Preferred Providers which lists junk faxes that were identified as being sent by them.

Michael Rabie aka Mahmoud Rabie aka Mike Rabie, President
National Association of Preferred Providers  - Family Care, Inc. - Association Health Care Management, Inc.,
10333 Harwin Dr. Suite 225
Houston, TX 77036
Phone: 713-270-1111
Fax: 713-270-1339

doesn't work anymore. Neither do:

Nationalway Healthcare Association
PO Box 421169
Houston, TX 77242-1169

Nationalway Healthcare Association
10333 Harwin Dr Ste 475
Houston, TX 77036-1532

American Arc Management Corporation dba Family Health
Kristopher A. Rabie
6750 West Loop South, Suite 870, 
Bellaire, Texas 77401

See FCC citation of Family Health a.k.a. Family Health Benefits a.k.a. Family Health Healthcare a.k.a. AB Marketing a.k.a. A & B Marketing a.k.a. AB National Marketing  6750 W. Loop South, Suite 870 3615 Vineyard Drive Bellaire, Texas 77401-4112 Houston, Texas 77082-2801 Attention: Kristopher Rabie Alan Bergeron Walter A. Buchanan R. J. Markowski


Associated entities (according to the now defunct dopplerfx site):

National Assoc. of Preferred Providers
     The Healthcare Association
     Family Health Benefits
     Family Health Healthcare
     AB Marketing
     A & B Marketing
     AB National Marketing
     Kristopher Rabie
     Alan Bergeron
     Walter A. Buchanan
     R. J. Markowski
     Christopher Rabie
     Kristopher Rabie
     Mike Rabie
     Michael Rabie
     Dax Garza
     Dax F. Garza
     American ARC Management Corp.
     Continental Health Care
     Family Care
     Family Health
     Affordable Health Solutions
     National Association of Preferred Providers
     Continental Healthcare
     Affordable Healthcare Solutions

which may be related.

This company is probably not related:

Affordable Health Care Solutions, Inc. aka Continental Health
5469 Kearny Villa Road, Suite 301
San Diego, CA 92123
Attention: Gregory Curtis, President

We have received info in March 2007 that they (Rabie) are big into illegal prerecords now.... have been for a year. This is their basic transcript:

This is a public service message from the National Healthcare Association.

We have found a health care program for as low as three dollars a day. This complete medical benefits program includes unlimited hospitalization, doctor visits, and hearing benefits. Plus, people who call today will receive free dental benefits, free vision benefits, and a generic prescription co-pay card for the entire family, at no additional fee.

To speak to a health care specialist please press one now. Again, to speak to a health care specialist, press one now and your family can have this complete medical benefits savings program. Of if you'd like to be removed from our call list, press two.

Thank you, and have a great day.

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