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Here are the details of the new fax.com organization. This page supplements the main fax.com page.

In order to continue to blast millions of faxes daily and to continue to call the public all night long to look for fax numbers, fax.com has implemented an elaborate scheme to elude those who are suing them or trying to otherwise put them out of business. By dividing the company into several smaller companies and putting these companies in other people’s names and at various locations, they will continue to fax with even greater capacity than what they previously had. They have put an extreme amount of effort into keeping this a secret, making it nearly impossible to put the puzzle together. All of the companies below are connected with T1 lines in order to share the data and other info. The finances are all dictated by Kevin Katz and carried out by Tom Roth.

The company consists of these main departments and beside them is where the department is now and the name they are under:

• Graphics = still in fax.com location (Erwin Dass)

• Administration = still in fax.com location (Tom Roth)

• Technical support for the in-house networks and the Super Faxcasters located in large cities across the US = Tech Access Systems, Monrovia, CA (Eric Wilson, Chad Nelson, Clayton Wagner)

• Technical support for the Faxcasters, hundreds of which are located around the US = Telcom Tech Support, Laguna Hills, CA (Robert Battaglia, Dennis Habgood)

• Platform (In-house faxing) – Everglades Enterprises, Major cities in US (Joe Garson)

• Call Center = Lighthouse Marketing LLC, Irvine, CA (Eric Brenner)

• Sales = Impact Marketing Solutions, Irvine, CA (Eric Brenner, Jeff Dupree)

• Compliance = Data Research Systems, Aliso Viejo, CA (Charles Rod Martin)

• Programmers = Apparently in Monrovia, CA at Tech Access (Ahmed Sadiq, Josh Lee, Jeff Lee)

• Legal Department = David Felsenthal now has his office to LA.

As you can see, most of the departments have moved out of the old location at:

120 Columbia, Suite 500
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

But when anyone goes there and looks in the windows, it will appear that they are still located there. For right now, only the graphics department and the administrative department (Finance, Tom Roth) are still there, less than ten people. They are no longer faxing from this location and instead are using the Super Faxcasters located across the US. They have more capacity now than they ever did. When Kevin Katz does return from South Africa he will be able to go to the new location in Irvine and not be found (he thinks). They apparently want to keep the graphics department separate from the sales department in anticipation of the new law that takes effect October 1. But make no mistake; the graphics department sees every ad that is sent. Just to show how deceptive they are being, why would any company move their sales force to a new location and not forward the phones? All of the fax.com phones are answered with their usual voice mail and checked remotely so that no one will know they have moved.

As far as technical support for the in-house network, there are only 3-4 people, and they go wherever they are needed at the various locations and also fly around the country to install and maintain the Super Faxcasters.

The daily setting up of fax jobs and maintenance of the Super Faxcasters is performed by Eric Wilson from a company he set up near his home in Sierra Madre. The name of the company is Tech Access Systems. 

Eric’s home address:

678 Alta Vista Drive

Sierra Madre, CA 91024

The mailing address is:

Tech Access Systems Corp

280 W Sierra Madre Blvd #231

Sierra Madre, California 91024


But the physical address is in old town Monrovia, right in the middle of all the stores in an old walk-up office building:

Tech Access Systems Corp

521 South Myrtle Avenue, Suite 1

Monrovia, CA 91016


Website: tascs.com (no website is running)

Eric Wilson also has at least one of the programmers working there and also his mother-in-law, Christina Lumia. It might look quaint, but there is at the very least a T1 going into that building.

Go to register.com and look up telcomtechsupport.com

See the name server IP address:

Look up that IP address at http://ww1.arin.net/whois/ or www.dnsstuff.com

You will see that the IP belongs to Quest and is assigned to Database Logistics

Database Logistics is Eric Wilson's company.

Eric Wilson is Katz's partner and hosts all the other websites - fax.com, Impact, Lighthouse,etc.

The in-house faxing has been replaced with Super Faxcasters located in major cities across the US. The Super Faxcasters are owned by Everglades Enterprises, originally known as Outreach International. These systems are capable of dialing over 6,000 calls at once. Unknown to all the employees of fax.com, Kevin Katz owns half of Everglades. The other half of Everglades belongs to:

Joe Garson

352 South Canon Drive

Beverly Hills, CA 90212

310-962-4598 (disconnected)

This is his home address, as there is no physical address for Everglades.

The mailing address for Everglades is in the same as the attorney they were using to set up the company which is:

Cozen & O’Conner

Attn: Shari Odenheimer

200 Four Falls Corp Center # 400

Conshohocken, PA. 19428

Here is where they are located and how many T1s and DS3s are attached. A T1 is like making 24 calls at a time and a DS3 is like making 672 calls at a time:

Los Angeles (at 1 Wilshire) - 2 DS3s - that's 1344 calls at once

Burbank - 2 DS3s - that's 1344 calls at once

Dallas - 2 DS3s + 8 T1s - that's 1536 calls at once

New York City - 2 DS3s + 8 T1s - that's 1536 calls at once

Phoenix - 8 T1s - that's 192 calls at once

Miami – 8 T1s – that’s 192 calls at once

Atlanta - 8 T1s – that’s 192 calls at once

Denver- 4 T1s – that’s 96 calls at once

Chicago – 8T1s (?) – that’s 192 calls at once

So they can send 6,624 calls at once and it only takes a minute to send a fax. So that is over 3 million faxes in an eight hour day. And it is also 6,624 people being called every minute of the night looking for fax numbers.

Everglades enters into contracts or agreements with the carriers either directly or through AMI, a communications broker in Baltimore. Fax.com pays Everglades money and Everglades then pays bills so the recipients of the payments never know fax.com is involved, although AMI knows exactly who they are dealing with. Garson is in charge of all of that and no one knows that Katz guides Garson. This is a blatant premeditated scheme to avoid the rules and regulations and continue faxing and doing voice broadcasting. 

The technical support for all the Faxcasters located in people’s homes and small businesses was moved last year to a new company called Telcom Technical Support. The person’s name the company is in is:

Robert Battaglia

3621 Vista Campana S

Oceanside, CA 92057


The actual physical location is:

Telcom Tech Support

26081 Merit Circle #112

Laguna Hills, CA 92653

(Fax.com customers pay Lighthouse, Lighthouse pays Robert, Robert pays a programmer named Dennis Habgood and Dennis pays the tech support personnel and other bills.)

The call center to take all the leads generated by faxing and voice broadcasting, which are then sold, is called Lighthouse Marketing LLC. The person who they use for this company is Eric Brenner.

The mailing address is:

Lighthouse Marketing, LLC

23411 Laguna Hills Drive, Suite K25

Aliso Viejo, CA 92656


But the secret physical location of Lighthouse is:

(In the IBM Building, 1st floor)

15440 Laguna Canyon Road

Irvine, CA 92618

949-265-6700 (You can get the number from 411, but there is not street address listed, odd isn’t it? There is also another Lighthouse Marketing on Sky Park in Irvine, but they are not related in any way.)

Website: lhmarketing.com

I got subpoena results back from Who's Calling and 800-566-7893 belongs to Lighthouse Marketing. This was the number on my 2nd fax shilling work from home and www.financialsanity.com.

The fax.com sales department is located in the suite next to Lighthouse in the same building. They are using the name Impact Marketing Solutions.

(In the IBM Building, 1st floor)

15440 Laguna Canyon Road

Irvine, CA 92618

(the address I have is 

Impact Marketing Solutions LLC
5405 Alton Parkway, Suite 5A #114
Irvine, CA 92604

They put in two very nice phone systems and leased new Dell computers for the IBM location. Employees were threatened not to tell anyone where they new location is.

The Award Center, Debt Services International, and Direct Reservations Center are just customers of Impact/Lighthouse. Lighthouse answers the phone there at that 800 number. Lighthouse took over SOHO around April or May of this year.  As you well know, even if he did figure out who to sue, and then won, they will never, ever pay. This is why they have a call center like Lighthouse....just another buffer between the customer and the people who hate faxes.

The compliance department, headed by Charles Rod Martin has been moved to a company called Data Research Systems. When people call to have their fax number deleted, they are really calling XO Communications. Data Research Systems has the agreement with XO to provide the voice response for deletions.

Here is their mailing address:

Data Research Systems, Inc.

26895 Aliso Creek Road, Suite B, #681

Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

Phone: 800-600-2492

President: Richard C. Lamarre (Doesn’t seem to be a real person.)

The actual physical location is:

Data Research Systems

92 Argonaut

Aliso Viejo, CA 92656


Suite number is unknown, but it is a small building. Suite 140 has no name and mirrored windows, but they are probably in Suite 225 under their previous fax.com neighbor’s name, American Benefit Finance. That is how they do things…deceptively.

The in-house attorney is David Felsenthal and he has moved his office to:

1900 Avenue of the Stars

Los Angeles, CA 90067


In as simple of terms as I can explain it:

So a fax.com sales person sits in the office in Irvine, disguised as Impact Marketing Solutions. The salesperson who is sitting in Irvine has real-time informational access to the fax.com database in Monrovia at Tech Access. They can query when a customer is on the phone to see how many numbers are available to fax to in a given area or if jobs went out. Once he sells faxes the customer is turned over to the graphics department, still located at the original fax.com location in Aliso Viejo to have their ad created and prepared for faxing. The information is then sent to Tech Access Systems in Monrovia, where the job is set up for faxing.

Then depending on what geographical area it needs to be sent to or other terms of the deal, the fax job is either submitted by Tech Access to go out on the Super Faxcasters or sent to Telcom Tech Support to be sent out over the original Faxcasters. When someone receives a fax and wants to buy the product, their call is usually answered by someone at the Lighthouse call center in Irvine. If they want their fax number removed and call the number at the bottom of the fax, then they were calling an outside provider. They would send the automated deletes to Tech Access Systems, who removes the fax numbers from the master database and Telcom Tech also has access to the same database so the numbers can be removed from the Faxcasters. That is why it takes so long to be removed. The people who complain and want to speak to someone are sent to Data Research Systems. Data Research then sends their manual deletions to Tech Access Systems. If the salesperson sells voice broadcasting, the information is processed in Irvine and was outsourced for the sending. Lighthouse then takes most of the calls generated from the voice broadcast. They may be working under different names, with different people as figureheads, but no mistake they (Lighthouse, Tech Access, Impact, Data Research) still one company - fax.com. Why would a company divide itself into different departments, at different locations, under different names unless they were trying to hide something?



Other companies owned by fax.com employees that might be used in the conspiracy:

Eric Wilson owns:

Tech Access Systems Corporation – tascs.com

Database Logistics – databaselogistics.com

Decision Fuels 626-359-3287 (Same location as Tech Access) decisionfuels.com and requestleads.com

Eric also hosts these websites:

















Columbia Enterprises – this was a fake company set up to buy out Scott Blum of Buy.com, the original investor.

Tom Roth, CFO of fax.com has a company called TRR Enterprises, Inc and a lot of money has recently been funneled into that company from fax.com.

Jeff Dupree, VP Sales for fax.com has a company called TCB Holdings, Inc. and this company also has received extra money in the last few months.

In the past Kevin Katz has had these companies:

Inbound Calls, Inc.

Satellite Direct Systems

Christine Lumia is Eric's mother-in-law (used to register websites)


Short story: they don't send it out (yet) but they do resell it. Long story: In late 2001, Kevin teamed up with one of his South African friends, Neil Lipsky to make money from voice. Neil is in the travel business. The company they formed was ICI, but fax.com sales people sold the voice advertising and Kevin and Neil split the money made from it, unbeknownst to Tom Roth or Eric Wilson. Fax.com paid most of the bills and they used various outsourced providers to send the voice calls. I think Neil recorded most of the messages himself and had a small call center. In August 2002, Kevin and Neil had a falling out and that was the end of ICI. But by then Katz realized how much money he could make with voice and his own call center to screen the calls and take the leads. In just a few months he had made over half a million, although some of that money was the buy-out from Neil. In Sept 2002, Kevin convinced his provider to use Gary Anzaroot of AMI Communications (amicommunications.com) in Baltimore to sell T1s, etc. so that they would be using Global Crossing Communications.

What the provider didn't know (nor does Tom Roth, Eric Wilson, etc) is that Katz gets a kickback on those lines. He's made well over $35,000 from AMI kickbacks on fax.com and superfaxcaster DS3s and T1s and almost $10,000 of it came from kickbacks on the provider's lines. Since 2001, fax.com has paid various outsourced providers over $3M. So they are definitely doing some voice via Global Broadcast Systems and Sound Media Group.

Soholeads, which is Kevin's fax.com funded company just around the corner from fax.com, which is a call center to take the leads from the voice calls. And here is the information fax.com is giving out for Data Research Systems: 26895 Aliso Creek Road, Suite B, #681 Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 Phone: 800-600-2492 President: Richard C. Lamarre The address is a mailbox drop and Richard C. Lamarre, isn't that the name most people use when they get a Delaware corporation?

They ordered 36 new Dells and are hiring sales people left and right.

Patriot Communications writes:

I read through your description of Fax.com’s “multi-level” organization. It’s very interesting reading and very thorough. You mention our company, Patriot Communications, as a provider of voice broadcasting services to Fax.com. This is not correct. Rather, we handled the inbound toll-free opt-out application for Fax.com. We processed calls from people who wished not to receive Fax.com’s faxes and delivered this information to Fax.com daily. We did not send out voice broadcast messages for Fax.com because what they wanted to do was a violation of the TCPA. We terminated our relationship with Fax.com because we did not agree with their business practices.


If you are an attorney, Attorney General, etc., there is an even more vast array of extremely useful information about fax.com that is much more detailed than this available on the web in a variety of locations. Contact us via e-mail if you'd like more information on fax.com.