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Abe Goes Tommy in New Campaign for
Aug. 02, 2004

Abe Goes Tommy in New Campaign for

ORLANDO, Fla., Aug. 02 /PRNewswire/ --

ORLANDO, Fla., Aug. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- The stovepipe hat and dark suit are gone. These days Abe Lincoln can be found wearing a Tommy tropical shirt, Ralph Lauren shorts and Birkenstock sandals touting a new online investment advisory service,

John Rooney, spokesman for explains, "The whole category of penny stocks has been painted with a well-deserved dubious brush over the years. In the past, people have been taken advantage of and current under- the-radar marketing techniques, including mass fax blasts and spam, do little to inspire confidence. The sad part is there are some solid, viable investments available for under $5 a share. This is why we created"

The new online service limits the number of stocks featured to no more than four or five at a time and takes added precautions before adding a new offer to its pages. Mr. Rooney explains, "We want to know as much about the management of each company as possible. Not just their professional background and capabilities, but whether or not they've ever been arrested, convicted, gone through bankruptcy and so forth. We study their business plan, conduct an assessment of resources to make sure it's not some pipe dream and we research market trends to determine if a real opportunity exists."

The theme for 'Now, Anybody Can Be A Player' reflects the overall philosophy. "The average person can't afford to buy a significant number of shares in most of securities appearing on the S&P 500. For the cost of a handful of shares of a more well-known stock, one can afford hundreds or thousands of shares of penny stock." doesn't hide the risks associated with penny stock investing or the fact that they are compensated for featuring certain stocks. Most pages of the site include a character dubbed as Disclaimer Man who actually reads the disclaimer. The advertising itself features Abe saying, "Investing in penny stocks can be risky" and "On you'll find this warning."

Rooney underscores the reasons for enlisting the services of the former President, "If you look at a penny you'll find Abe. He stands for honesty and straight talk. He also had quite a sense of humor and was a staunch supporter of the common man."

The multi-media campaign (which includes no spam or fax blasting) was created by and placed by Fry Hammond Barr, Orlando. "Investing doesn't always have to be about planning for retirement or building a trust fund for generations of heirs. Sometimes it can just be fun. At USPennyStocks our job is to let people know about real companies managed by reputable people with a solid plan and the resources to back it up. We also want to make sure people know to invest with their head and not over it," Rooney concludes.

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