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AIRCO group has their phone lines tied up 30 minutes every day by fax.com

E-mail sent on August 14, 2002

I'm needing some assistance. In the last month we've received, roughly, a 1000 faxes from fax.com. All of our users has a fax number assigned to them which goes straight to there PC. When Fax.com spams us, it utilizes all of our fax board ports. Meaning, we have 80 fax numbers, and only four lines to receive faxes through. When we get spammed, it ties all of our fax boards up for 20 - 30 minutes, which interferes with our day to day sales.

It took a while to figure out who was sending us these faxes, but now I know. I've been reading the information on your site and it's extremely helpful. What I'm not sure, is where do I start. I see that you say that I need to call or send them a legal document to cease spamming, but I'm not sure who I have to send it to.

What additional advice can I get or additional assistance can I get. We're not a big company, we're in the aircraft field, and times are hard and spending a lot of money on attorney fees is not what we are wanting to do at this time.

Any additional help would be grateful!!

Thank you for your help,

Michael Molina 
AIRCO Group - Corporate Headquarters 
Director of Information Technology 
1853 S. Eisenhower Ct. 
Wichita, Ks. 67209 
Phone: 316-945-0445 
Direct: 316-206-0250