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junkfaxes.com - Helping to Stop Illicit Junk Faxes
Note that this is very similar in name to our site. This site is another great resource for information on junk faxes

Another junk fax site with some useful links.

A site that collects phone numbers (callerID and response numbers) for use in telephone number blacklisting and also litigation (to show the judge that others have complained).

Repel the Invaders: hosted by John "Doppler" Schiff
"Take back your phone, your fax, your email, and your rights! " An interesting, helpful, and entertaining site.

Federal Junk Fax Law
A one page summary of the TCPA and how to sue
TCPA Litigation Support
This is the definitive resource for "white hat" lawyers working on TCPA cases but the owner of the site wants to remain anonymous and only invite people he wants to invite to view the site.

Unwanted Faxes What You Can Do
The official FCC page on the issue

FCC citations
FCC citations that have been issued.

Junk Faxes
Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights has a section dedicated to junk faxes and a template you can use to file your own lawsuit as well as an excellent step-by-step guide to How to Use a Federal Law to Make Junk Faxers Pay You.

Investigation tools
Contains pointers to some of the tools I used to track down junk faxers including links the FCC site, etc.

Other Spam Websites

SpamCon Foundation to reduce spam (junk email)
The definitive website on e-mail spam

Other spam laws
Our collection of spam websites

FCC Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau - Factsheet Directory
Has info on all sort of scams

Edumacation's stockpumping WIKI
Collects examples of company's that pump their own or others stock, frequently penny stock.