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Auto dialed calls and Political Robocalls to cell phones are illegal under the TCPA – just like junk faxes. You can do something about it now – in this election cycle

You can help stop these, as well as pursue your private right of action for statutory damages – by participating in a national class action being formed by lawyers experienced in the TCPA and in federal class action work.

The lawyers are seeking class representatives to be named plaintiffs who will be seeking relief for themselves and all others who are similarly situated.

A tremendous barrage of political Robocalls to cell phones is anticipated in the closing days of the election campaign.

You are increasingly likely to receive incoming political Robocalls and sms text messages to your cell phone. If such calls offend you, this is an opportunity to do something about it. (We are particularly interested in the swing states of Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin, as we expect great volumes of illegal activity in those states; activity in any state is, however, of interest).

If you are interested, and feel offended by the Robocalls to your cell phone, contact Ashley Malcolm at the US Fax Law Center, Inc..

Ashley’s phone number is 303.471.8560 and her e-mail is

You may also directly contact Attorney Andrew L. Quiat, whose phone number is 303-471-8558 and whose e-mail is

Please act now as the election is only days away and the barrage of political Robocalls will increase at any time.