Devices to stop junk faxes

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There are two types of applications that people want:

  • Case 1: I don't have a fax machine and but I get fax calls at 2am, all hours, etc.
  • Case 2: I have a fax machine on a dedicated fax line and I get too many junk faxes

There are different devices for each problem as described in the two sections below.

Case 1: If you do NOT have a fax machine

To get rid of the fax calls, you need a device that will answer your phone and require the caller to hit a code to reach you. This will get rid of all the fax calls and telemarketer calls. Check out these products and websites:

Case 2: If you DO have a dedicated fax machine

To get rid of junk faxes, look at these products and websites:

  • T-Lock Call Blocker
  • Privacy service from your local telephone company. These may or may not work. For example, see Sprint Privacy for junk fax protection
  • The FaxFirewall will only let numbers you pre-program through. Therefore, all faxes require your express consent.
  • Privacy Corps ( also offers the FaxFirewall and CallerID manager. I received one email saying the the ID blocker didn't work and he had trouble getting his money back. He suggests you pay via credit card and if the device doesn't work, have the credit card company reverse the charge. He said when he did that, they became responsive.
On faxfirewall I received the following email:
By the way, I have been using this product now for two months. I have only gotten one junk fax. I was getting 2 -5 per week. The one that came through -- I've now blocked that number for good. Until these faxers start using Internet redirects of their phone calls, this product fixes the problem. I don't sell them, I just wanted to point this out to you.

See also products on these websites:

More info:

You'd think you could use something like SBC's "Privacy Manager" (see SBC - Privacy Manager (®) - Residential - AR). Unfortunately, Privacy manager itself will not work...if the spammer provides forged callerID and changes it each time, the call will go right through since you can only block 10 numbers. Too bad...because if the phone company did it right, it would be a killer feature. So you need a service that always forces a caller to dial a code you tell the caller to dial.

Caution: Screen Machine from Spectrum Research sounds good, but check out the warning here: Screen Machine FAQ's, Review & Testimonials @ Do Not Call

One reader wrote:

In the battle against junk faxes and telemarketers, I have been using this device: This is very similar to Privacy Corps' "Privacy Manager." However, it not only screens numbers, but can play the "SIT" tones as well! This fools equipment into thinking that the number is disconnected. I use this setting for ALL "Private, Blocked, Unavailable, Out-Of-Area calls."
Intelescreener can also block by number, name, area code, etc. It also has a setting where it does not allow calls to go through based on the same criteria, (name, #, etc.), the caller just hears ringing.
I thought I would bring this to your attention as we need all the help we can get blocking these fools. Also, the item is often out-of-stock (no surprise there!)
Jesse H Cuzzort Jr